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Wanda's Complete Biography

Ms. Richert is best known for her thirty-five year career in the
magical and incomparable world of  'Show Business.'  She truly lived the "Cinderella Story." She was able to achieve the height of her success as an entertainer because she was Empowered as a child.  Wanda's mother noticed her tiny child's innate 'rhythm' while 'dancing' in her playpen. 

As they say, The rest is history...

Wanda Richert is best known for her creation of the role of Peggy Sawyer in the Original 1980 Broadway Production of the
Tony Award winning Musical

for which she received a
Tony Award Nomination
Theater World Award & Drama Logue Award.

Wanda also starred on Broadway 


and in
The Musical

As the black-laced Carla,
Replacing NINE's original Carla
The late Anita Morris.

Wanda can also be heard singing the title song
on the
Original Cast Album of 42ND STREET

Seen in her Filmed Interview
BROADWAY ~ Beyond The Golden Age
(due out in 2011)
a sequel to:

Wanda's theater career began in her hometown of Chicago, where she turned professional at the age of fourteen. At sixteen, she was chosen to be the first
"McBreakfast Girl for McDonalds."
She danced her way through the first McBreakfast commercial and modeled for
all the print work associated with their new campaign.

Her Musical Theater credits are extensive:

THE 1ST NATIONAL TOUR OF A CHORUS LINE, when she was just nineteen, playing six of the nine female roles until she ultimately was chosen by director/choreographer, Michael Bennet to play the highly coveted leading role of Cassie by the time she was twenty.DAMN YANKEES-with Gwen Verdon and Ray WalstonSHOWBOAT-with Mickey Rooney and Harve Presnell,OKLAHOMA -with   John Davidson, WEST SIDE STORY-with Leslie Uggams and SUGAR BABIES-opposite Laugh In's Alan Sues, CABARET, CAROUSEL, MY FAIR LADY,  HELLO DOLLY,  SWEET CHARITY,  THE BAKER'S WIFE, HANGIN" ON BY A THREADWILL RODGERS FOLLIESHEY LOOK ME OVER, A Tribute to Cy Coleman and S'WONDERFUL-Tribute to George Gershwin for THE LIBRARY of CONGRESS While residing in Los Angeles, Wanda performed opposite Carol Burnett in both 
FROM THE TOP -co-starring Ken Berry, John McCook and Gary Beach, and COMPANY-co-starringPatrick Cassidy

She also choreographed THEY'RE PLAYING OUR SONG starring Jack Wagner,
of the long running television hit Melrose Place, to wonderful reviews as a Choreographer. Her Television credits include: ONE LIFE TO LIVE, THE DOCTORS, LAW and ORDERHARDCASTLE and McCORMICKTHE BOB HOPE SPECIAL at WEST POINT, THE 1981 TONY AWARDS, THE 1985 TONY AWARDS-as a presenter THE 1981 MISS UNIVERSE PAGEANTBARYSHNIKOV on BROADWAY, co-starring Liza Minnelli and PBS's  BROADWAY'S LOST TREASURES (DVD) where she can be seen with her co-star, the late Jerry Orbach, performing live on THE 1981 TONY AWARDS
the year she was nominated as: 
Outstanding Featured Actress in a Musical.

After relocating to South Florida in 2001, Wanda took a hiatus from the theater and began reflecting on where her life and career had led her thus far.  She began feeling less of a need to return to New York City,and more of a need to focus on how she could use her talents and life experience to help others.  She also began  the journey of penning her book about the making of the Original  Broadway Production of 42ND STREET ...her experience of being an integral part of creating the show that became the hit of the decade... making Broadway history  when the love of her life, famed director and choreographer Gower Champion, died on
Opening Night.

The thought of returning to the Broadway Stage began to be overshadowed by her need to move towards a deeper Spiritual place of being, but
'the theater' wasn't quite ready for her to leave.

Right in the midst of that contemplative time in her life, Ms Richert was asked to be "Brady Bunch mom" Florence Henderson's stand-in and coach, along with assisting on the staging for THE FLORIDA FOLLIES, at the Parker Playhouse in Ft. Lauderdale in 2004.  It was an exciting enough proposition to return to her theater roots, so she gladly accepted.

The show was a hit with the Florida audiences and the following
year Wanda was again asked to stage and perform in the new version of the show,
THE GREAT AMERICAN FOLLIES, starring Robert Morse for the 2005 season.

Immediately following Follies, she had the privilege to be a member of the wonderful six member cast revival of Broadway's musical,


Starring the incredible lyrics and music of Johnny Mercer,
At the Cuillo Center in West Palm Beach.
Shortly thereafter, a wonderful 'dream come true' happened for Wanda. 
She was contacted to direct and choreograph the original Broadway version of 42ND STREET for the theater students at the New World School of the Performing Arts, connected to Miami Dade College. This was finally the chance to preserve Gower Champion's and her work the way he intended it to be directed and performed. 
What an incredible experience to be a part of!

Wanda was asked to hold a Theater symposium for the college level Musical Theater students, along with a six week series of her Master classes, in order to prepare the students for the 42nd Street auditions. Some of these talented teens had never taken a tap class, but by the end of the six weeks... they were ready to audition!  It was an absolutely special time for all.  The opportunity of sharing her many years of knowledge as a professional performer with these young, incredibly talented, aspiring performers ended all too soon, as do all musical theater projects.  This 'let down' of missing the interaction with these talented kids sparked in her a desire to teach on a broader scale, finding that what she had to share extended far past the technical knowledge of dance and performance.  
The kids loved her upbeat, youthful way of understanding them...
And the Music always "Rocked."  

The fun, humor and empowerment she brought to her classes and rehearsals was ever present. The students were taught what was expected of them if they were to really shoot for a career in the Theater.  The level of respect for her career she garnered from these students deeply touched her.  They hung on her every story, and really learned.  She left these young adults with their many lofty dreams, with a realistic view of how hard they had to work at holding on to those dreams if they were to really 'make it'
in this challenging business they had set their sights on.  She also empowered them to persevere with those dreams.  Her 'kids' showed an unbelievable amount of love and gratitude towards her... because of the love and positive cheerleading she was so wonderful at sharing with all of them. She left them with the belief that was handed down to her by her wonderful Mom...

"If You Can Imagine It You Can Achieve It...
If You Can Dream It You Can Become It!"

Wanda was now ready to settle into a more stable, grounded life away from her theater career travels, but show business beckoned one last time. 
A casting notice was sent out around the country asking if anyone knew where to find Wanda Richert... there was a role that required a
'Broadway Legend' and she was perfect for it...
 "An ex-Broadway Star who had been swept off her feet by the King, father of Prince Charming, to his Kingdom."...

"The Cinderella Story with a Twist."
At the renowned Asolo Repertory Theater, across the state, 
In beautiful Sarasota.

Wanda spent the next three months at the Asolo as a guest artist performing alongside their Theater grad students, who were about to graduate with their union cards in hand, and be on their way to the
"Big Bad Apple." This last contract turned out to be the most wonderful theatrical experience of her career. It was comparable to a small Broadway production.  Everyone connected to this incredible production had such integrity.  It was a joy to go to work.  It was also a joy to once more share her knowledge. with this more mature group of artists. They were more than ready for their careers to take flight. They had many more pressing questions about getting started in professional Theater than the younger, New World students she had taught. Wanda spent a lot of time off stage just sharing her stories. The entire company urged her to please,
"write her book!"

So she picked up where she had left off with a new vigor, and titled her book:

Then the unthinkable happened.  A slick spot on stage one night during a performance left her with a near fall that resulted in a serious injury and no real understudy.  For the last month of her contract she continued to dance. As she returned home after the run she went through a nightmare of Worker's Compensation doctors who would not recommend her to a sports doctor.  Six years later, although much improved, the injury still lingers as she awaits a Disability Appeal, which was denied in March 2012.

Those years spent healing and not being able to exercise was a blessing in disguise for Wanda.  She finally now had the time to spend on her Spiritual studies in earnest. The opportunity to return to New York for another Broadway run presented itself, but she was not really completely sold on the idea of doing eight shows a week again. 

Her focus shifted entirely to her 'life purpose work' and on giving back to others.  It was time.  Time to give back for all the joy she had experienced throughout her career.

In July of 2008, Wanda Richert became Reverend Wanda Richert, as she became ordained as an Interfaith Reverend...her biggest dream come true.

(After my Ordination ceremony with my beauty-of-a Light Being-daughter, Candace)

Rev. Wanda is now looking forward to the time when she has the means to build a Spiritual Empowerment Center for the youth, utilizing the passion of creativity in many genres, musical and non musical, through
The Creative Arts and Performance. 
Performing will always be a wonderful place for Wanda to revisit, but seeing the positive results her Spiritual Counseling and Healing has brought to so many, holds the dearest place in her Heart and Soul now.
To see people reaching for and believing in their dreams,  then manifestingthem into being brings as much joy to her as being an entertainer. 
She considers sharing her knowledge to motivate people, both young and old, a very special Gift.  To finally get to the point of living a life of  'Purpose and Service' is truly a beautiful place to be!

Rev.Wanda's dream now is to instill in the creative minds of young people especially,  to be all  they Can be, so they truly can live their dreams. 
After all, everyone is a Star in God's eyes. Sometimes it just takes the right person to remind us how special we are. Wanda is anxiously anticipating being just that person, to as many as she can reach out and touch, as
she begins the new leg of her journey as a Minister, Healer and Motivational Speaker.

Then she will build her Empowerment Center through the Arts.

Amidst all of her theatrical accomplishments, Ms. Richert has also been a Certified Hypnotherapist since 1996, is a Certified Personal Trainer
and a
Mystic / Healer / Clairvoyant 

She is also the creator of: 
*FREE AT LAST-A New Discovery in Recovery  from Addiction ©

Her series of sessions that work hand in hand  with any twelve step program, to free oneself from addiction and the possibility of relapse.

If you would like to schedule a consultation, or make an appointment for an Energy Healing or a Intuitive Guidance Session, or if you are in need of prayer, please leave a message for her here at:

Please visit Wanda's "Church in Space" page too!

Her Outreach Ministry for
Emotionally Abused Women and Children.
"Words can be weapons, too!"

Her 2012-The SHIFT 
Awareness Page





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