A Little Bit About Me...


Ms. Richert is best known for her thirty-five year career in the
magical and incomparable world of 'Show Business.' 
She truly lived "The Cinderella Story.” She was able to achieve the height of her success as an entertainer because she was Empowered as a child

Wanda’s mother noticed her tiny child’s innate 'rhythm'...
while 'dancing' in her playpen.
As they say,
The rest is history...

Wanda Richert is best known for her creation of the role of Peggy Sawyer in the Original Broadway Production of the Tony Award winning musical
for which she received a
Tony Award Nomination,
A Theater World Award and A Drama Logue Award

If I had to choose Anyone to be...I'd be ME.

   I have been so very blessed, with an incredibly exciting, intricate, eclectic life experience this time around. God has been sooo very good to me. For the past 35 years, my entire life and career have been lived in the incomparable "World of Show Business". And there really is...

"No Business like Show Business, like No Business I know!"

   I was born in Chicago, have lived in too many cities to mention during my theater career travels, and have now made a full circle back to South Florida after thirty some years. My dad was stationed here with the Coast Guard when I was four years old, and I took my first dance steps in North Miami Beach.
I feel so fortunate to have been guided back to this sub-tropical paradise. It will be 'home' for me, my daughter, my incredible Earth Angel Mom, and eventually my son from now on.

   I have been performing, staging, teaching, directing and choreographing since I've been here, and I've loved every minute of that, but I believe it is now my turn to give back with my knowledge and talent to motivate others.
So...I am making a career transition at this time...more like a "Career Enhancement" ( I will Always be ready to "get out my tap shoes" and do another Show!! ) I have found my "spiritual home" here in Florida and I wouldn't want to start this new endeavor anywhere else!  Simple things like going to the gas station and grocery store are a beautiful experience here, not to mention being able to do a lot of my work and studying on the beach.

   My theater career has spanned over 35 years. I was the original Tony- Nominated star of the Broadway Hit Musical, "42ND STREET", creating the role of "Peggy Sawyer", when I was just twenty-two, and went back to New York City several years ago to reunite with the incredible cast for our twenty fifth reunion. Where did the years go? Doesn't matter, because I've earned my PH.D. from the "School of Hard Knocks" and am making the best of life now, in the moment. I've lived a very full life doing what I love and getting paid for it. Who could ask for anything more?

   I have also been a certified hypnotherapist for the past twelve years, am
a professional cake decorator, and a certified personal fitness trainer. My official new title is "Human Potential Trainer" *;) I recently became a member of The Florida Speakers Association and am embarking on my new journey as
a Motivational/Empowerment Speaker, which will soon be married to the
"POWER of POSITIVE PRETENDING" workshops I am in the process of organizing to bring to the public.

   I have experienced an incredible Miracle in my life which has led me to my "Life's Purpose" work - teaching folks of all ages, especially the younger generation, how they can rise above life's challenges to create the life they want by harnessing the Power of their Soul...creating an Empowered life through staying connected to their Divinity. I feel so very Blessed that I have been given this Divine Assignment. It has become something that I am more passionate about than my career as an Entertainer......

"Who would've ever thunk it?"...*;)

I am working on two books at the moment:


I have created HYPNOCISE by Wanda©
My 'mind over muscle' technique for weight loss, aerobic stamina,fitness and strength training. I have also created, FREE AT LAST -A New Discovery in Recovery from Addiction ©
which I am most proud of. It is my series
of sessions to go hand in hand with any twelve step program,to free oneself from addictions, of any kind and truly finally HEAL.
Relapse becomes a thing of the past.

I am an extremely "SPIRITUAL BEING having a HUMAN EXPERIENCE".

Many people scoff at Shirley MacLaine because of her outspoken views on past lives and speaking to "dead folks", but these things do occur...I'm living proof...ask anyone who knows me..*;) I get messages from the other side on a daily basis that lead, guide and protect me through this maze we call life.

It is a Tremendous Gift and I do not take it Lightly.

Jesus has been a very real Presence in my life since I experienced my first mystical Vision of Him as a very small child. My hunger for spiritual seeking and study over the last twenty-five years, has led me to my ultimate
'dream come true'...My Ordination as an Interfaith Reverend, embracing all Religions and Spiritual Truths.
There is only One God.
I am now on to building a Church,"The Rhythm of Life Cathedral", which will eventually grow into an Empowerment Center through the Arts, for the youth and the "young at heart".

It will be located in Hollywood, Florida...Truly in Paradise.

I have been blessed with so many spiritual Gifts and Miracles. It is now my time to start on my journey of my "life purpose" work.

If any of you are in crises or in need of a healing, and seriously believe in the Power of Prayer, please contact me on my mailing list,
or e-mail me at:

I believe in "The Power Of Love" as Mr. Luther Vandross so eloquently sang.

Right there in your Heart.

And now, Ladies and Gentlemen~

It is my great Honor to introduce you to my...
"silent partner"

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
1898 -1993

The man who's books changed my life  in 1982...
The man I bolted out of bed for every Sunday morning in NYC...
My only day off from my career on the Broadway Stage...
To have the privilege of hearing him preach his last year at the
Marble Collegiate Church.

The man who's Church was truly filled with Spiritual Integrity...

The preacher who was not ashamed to bring God to corporate America.
The minister who's  sermons inspired in me,
an insatiable  hunger
Spiritual Truth...
Who started me on my quest to learn everything I could possibly learn about human spirituality and our True connection to

The man who's voice I clearly heard in my head
one afternoon in 2007...
15 years after his  return to Spirit.

Dr. Peale's words to me were:

"Call it The Power of Positive Pretending!"

"Add to my work, the Truth you know now.
Pick up where I left off.
Bring it forward with your knowledge now...
My spiritual knowledge was limited during my lifetime.
The world was not yet quite ready for this back then.

Now it's the time for this.  Marry them together.

Continue my Legacy.
Teach them to be...
~Dr. Norman Vincent Peale- 2007
through Rev. Wanda~

I will never NOT be in absolute AWE that God has chosen this perfect new purpose for me.
I will forever remain humbled, honored and so very grateful that
Dr. Peale has asked me to take his life-changing teachings to this next level.

I still have to 'pinch myself' that Dr. Peale channeled  through ME to actually speak things which he still needs to share...and guide me along this path.
And I have to pinch myself once again, that he felt I was the one to add to his tremendous writings and teachings from his books and sermons on,

"The Power of Positive Thinking."

I had been hearing Dr. Peale's very distinctive voice in my head
(known as clairaudience) for several months.
From his lifetime of preaching, Dr. Peale had been coming through to me to help and guide me through exactly how to pull everything together for my "Rhythm Of Life Empowerment Space" Ministry.

That particular day I was in my bathroom, bent in half blow drying my hair, when he actually GAVE ME THE NAME of my "new life" so to speak...well...

THAT will just ALWAYS...


But it makes MORE than enough sense that he would.

When I joined Dr. Peale's Marble Collegiate Church, in New York City in 1982, I had already had my "42ND STREET on Broadway fame"...and was between jobs. Because I wasn't performing in the evenings, I was able to become involved with Marble's, very special, Actor's Fellowship meetings.
I became VERY involved...
And began devoting myself to being at all of these rather large meetings of  
"Actors and Actresses trying to make a living in The Big Bad Apple."

It was a very powerful place to be on Thursday evenings, and because of this fellowship of like minded people being drawn together by Energy...
Collectively, we made some pretty Powerful things begin to happen,
for every person there who was experiencing the challenges, struggles and rejection inherent in the world of Show Biz.  We did this by making a commitment to ourselves and to one another, that we would meet together for prayer every week in person, at this fellowship. We then continued that commitment to one another by going forward into the remainder of the week, with the prayer needs we shared, joining our energies for answered prayer through Positive Thinking, Positive Visualization 
Praying Positively FOR one ANOTHER...
INSTEAD of praying ONLY for ourselves and OUR OWN needs.

It was always when we "got ourselves out of the way" that we witnessed the Miraculous results achieved through
The Power of Positive Prayer.

I had already been in the Professional Theater for ten years at that time.
I had many personal theatrical experiences to share; My many stories about what it was really like to have made it to the pinnacle of my success, the perseverance it took for me to get there...and the realities of how devastating the politics and "business" of show business could be.

I finally felt I had found a "Spiritual Home."
A place which felt like a place where "I belonged"...

A place where I could make some kind of a DIFFERENCE.

I was so HAPPY when I was there.
Having the means to give others encouragement, while helping them stay focused on BELIEVING IN THEMSELVES, was an enormous blessing to me.

I also became friends with Dr. Peale's Associate Ministers at Marble Collegiate Church: Dr. Arthur Calliandro, who baptized my daughter, Candace; And Rev. Jerry Everley, who ran the Actor's Fellowship I spoke of earlier. He was the minister my former husband and I chose to say Grace over dinner, at my first wedding reception. He then, also invited us to a gathering of ministers, hosted by Dr. Peale and his wife in Pawling, New York. It was such an honor to be asked to this "once in a lifetime for me" opportunity to attend a private afternoon with Dr. Peale, Mrs. Peale and this quaint gathering of ministers. My husband and I were the only ones there who were not ordained ministers.

It was an afternoon I will never forget.

I was finally able to meet and speak with Dr. Peale and his incredibly lovely wife, Ruth. I was finally able to tell him how grateful I was for his books,
his sermons and his Church...How his Wisdom had changed my life.
I was finally able to thank the man, whom by his teachings on FORGIVENESS,
lifted me out of my grief, anger and resentment...
Blaming Others for my Own Life Choices.

I can't explain it, because it was an Energy that flowed between us, but when Dr. Peale took both my hands, wrapped them in his weathered, crooked fingers and held them cradled in his palms as he prayed with me...
Something went through me...
and I saw it in his eyes as we said our "Amen" and our goodbyes.
It was a brief Soul acknowledgment between us...
and it came from...and through...our Hearts.

I feel this same sensation when he visits me now.

I can still cry at it's simple, gentle power as I am writing this.

I can't really be surprised by Dr. Peale coming back to me through Spirit...

Now that I remember who I am...
And what I really came here to do.

It is simply

The Reality of the Truth of Spiritual Magnetism through Energy...
The Reality of Divine Order and Timing in The Universe and The Omniverse.

Recently, Dr. Peale has spoken something to me again, which has confirmed an extremely important "knowing" I've had for quite a while now.
It was something he could not come through to say...

Until I had Realized it myself.

Until My Soul Remembered It's Purpose.

Dr. Peale's words to me were:

"You had one glorious career! 
A life and career that had to be lived, with enough celebrity still connected to it, to have people pay attention to what you will say in the future.

You chose to experience the life you have lived until now, in order to use that life as an example;

To teach people to Dream their dreams BIG enough
for GOD to fit into;

To REMIND them to be ALL they CAN be.

Your career on Broadway was not your Life's Purpose.
Your career on Broadway was the VEHICLE...
For what you are about to do now.

I'll be here to help you put yours' and my teachings together.

(and then he chuckled )

(and he chuckled again)

That's EXACTLY how you GOT to Broadway...

....ISN'T IT?"
 ~Dr. Norman Vincent Peale to Wanda Richert 2009

*It is to Dr. Peale's beautiful Soul I dedicate this website.*

I am ineffably grateful for the Miracle my life has become.



I would like to invite you to visit my networking sites.

My "Life Until Now" page:

Born out of mine and my two children's life experience,which has put
a burning need in me to raise the awareness of, and offer my support to,
Women who want to


MySpace...My MIRACLE Network

Another thing people scoff at, is networking through MySpace. 
It is a misconception that MySpace is "just a place for kids" or for
"men and women trying to hook up". MySpace has over 250 Million people in it's Network. I once attended a networking seminar where 'setting up a MySpace page' was included in the day. I already had three. I had to chuckle at the reaction from the attendees when they were told it was one of the best places to get their networking to go...GLOBAL. 
And it's Free!  *;)
I have made some terrific business connections, met many kindred souls and made several beautiful, lasting friendships 'in space'...Straight through these United States...extending clear through Romania, Denmark, India, Greece, The UK, Germany, Scotland, Italy and Australia.
Like minded Souls magnetized to one another through...

You may actually be AMAZED to find how many folks are out there "in space" doing what I'm doing...being Lightworkers; diligently posting daily bulletins; copying one another's and re-posting them to reach their own network; setting up pages such as the ones you scrolled through above.
This is how they are going about doing their part in Raising the Consciousness and the LOVE on the Planet, at this extremely accelerated and auspicious time EVER in the History of The Universe.

There are many changes which are truly happening as we get nearer and nearer, and faster and December 2012...


There is a plethora of information which seems to be pouring in now...Just as we rolled over into 2009.

Setting up a MySpace account will be included in my workshops. It is the easiest and most expedient way for me to communicate to many people at once. I feel it is a much more personal way to share with my clients than standard e-mail, because the texture of personality that is added on a personal page allows my clients to "feel" the energy of the experience with me...
and after all...

MySpace gives you a place to be in a 'self-help book' at any given time, 24/7.
If you get the chance, take ten minutes to set up a'll not regret it!

If you are not familiar with MySpace, this is the way to navigate there:

Once the page loads, simply scroll all the way down the left side of the page to the bottom. Scroll back to the top...slide to the right...and scroll down that side and back up where you will then to be able to read that friend's blogs.  You can then slide back to the left and click on the "pics or videos" link located under the default pic.
A great place to try it out is on those links I provided above. *:)
Have some fun with this...and be inspired in the process!

Once Again...
Thank You for taking the time to stop by and share in the
Energy of this Special Space...

I honor the place in you in which the entire Universe dwells.
I honor the place in you which is
Of Love, of Truth, of Light and of Peace.
When you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me,
We are One

~ Please let me know you stopped in, by joining my mailing list~

*My Gratitude for Chris Geith's Music on this page*

Location:  Hollywood,  Florida

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